The Positive Therapy

You want to feel happy and healthy, more able to cope, calmer, more energetic and see life in a more positive way? 
I believe all of us have ability to be happy, to transform those negative thoughts, change how we feel and change the outlook of our lives. 

Let me support you get through difficult times and create positive change.

How are you feeling?

Hi and welcome to my Positive Therapy website. I’m Dr Chnanis. I’m a therapist who offers and experienced in a wide range of therapies including hypnotherapy, positive psychology, CBT, mindfulness-based therapy, life coaching and psychotherapeutic counselling. All sessions will be tailored specifically for you.

Are you here searching for help, because you are feeling unhappy in some way? There might not have been one event that led you here, but over time you have noticed that things feel ‘off’ and that your day to day life feels out of sorts. 

You might feel unhappy, anxious, or it might be stress. Or you notice that, more and more, you are overthinking, worrying and feeling stuck. You might have tried things to feel better, but nothing’s worked and you’re not sure what else to try. I understand, and that is why I would like to be here to help.

Every day, I am doing my best to help people transform the way they think, help them get rid of those symptoms that those negative thoughts are causing, and help them find a way to feel happy again. I am here to support you. 

How I can help

I provide a combination of therapies to help you feel the way you want to feel.

My Story

Would like to know me more? Find out here about my background and  experience.


Have some questions? I have covered some frequently asked questions here.

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