Positive Therapy

My courses

I have e-learning courses as well as a face-to-face group workshops. 
Dates and times for the courses in 2020 will be announced soon. 

I also provide workshops according to your organisation’s requirements.
If you would like to have a private workshop, please contact me directly.



Mindfulness is the practice of being in present, bringing your awareness to “here and now”. Mindfulness helps with various emotional issues such as stress, anger, anxiety and depression.


Creating Positive Habits

Habits are something you can change. If you would like learn how to be healthier and happier, this course is just for you!

Stress Relief Course

The "How" of Stress Relief

Life can be demanding and sometimes overwhelming. Learn how to de-stress and take care of yourself in daily life will keep stress and anxiety under control. Here is how.

Want to feel better, healthier and happier?
Want to learn how to be the best version of yourself?

Want to be able to let go of things that happen,
worry less, be less stressed and say goodbye to any anxiety?

Let me help you create the positive change.