During our initial consultation, I will discuss the treatment plan with you. I will also explain to you the therapeutic approach involved. For this, I will recommend the best suitable therapy plan for you and ensure if you are happy with everything before we continue. 

The number of sessions can be varied, depending on your current situations and background as well as how you feel along the way. In most cases, at least 5-6 sessions are recommended.

The therapy will be in a standardised treatment room, which is a warm, comforting environment.
In our first session, the initial consultation, we shall talk about your current situation and your background to see and plan how I can help you and how we will work together. The follow-up sessions will consist of various therapeutic processes. In many case, I will also give you some small homework or home practice in-between our sessions to help with continual improvement.

Yes. I can work with you on the phone, online via Skype or Facebook voice or video call.
However, this might also depend on your case and conditions, so please get in touch to discuss this.

For face-to-face sessions, you can make payment at the clinic on the day, either by cash or by card. Or you can also make a payment in advance via bank transfer. Please let me know if you prefer to do so, I shall send you my bank details.
For online or phone sessions, you can make payment via bank transfer.

Please get in touch . I will be happy to answer your questions.

Want to feel better, healthier and happier?
Want to learn how to be the best version of yourself?

Want to be able to let go of things that happen,
worry less, be less stressed and say goodbye to any anxiety?

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