Positive Therapy

** Covid-19
Updates ** 
According to the current situation of the Covid-19 lockdown, all sessions will be delivered via online voice or video call.
To help providing more affordable  therapies for everyone, all sessions are offered at a discounted rate of £50.
For NHS workers, you can access a FREE therapy with me via https://www.dutytocare.info.

Single session (Initial consultation & each follow-up session)

Initial Consultation Call ( 15 minutes )        

The Positive Me Session                   
A mixed therapy including hypnotherapy, life coaching, 
CBT, mindfulness-based therapy, and positive psychotherapy. The approaches will be integrated to help you best.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy     

Mindfulness-based Therapy           

Life Coaching                                      

All therapy sessions are approximately 50-60 minutes.
The fee are applied to all clinics with 24 hours cancellation policy.

Special Packages

The Positive Me Package                                    £360
Mixed psychological & behavioural therapy package consists of 6 sessions
(50 minutes per session) of mixed therapy including 
life coaching, CBT, Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and positive psychology. The sessions will be tailored according to your situation and appropriate approaches will be applied to help you best.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Package        £360
Hypnotherapy for weight loss package consists of 6 sessions (50 minutes per session) of solution-focused hypnotherapy and life style change programme to help you obtain your desired body and weight effectively and healthily. 


Want to feel better, healthier and happier?
Want to learn how to be the best version of yourself?

Want to be able to let go of things that happen,
worry less, be less stressed and say goodbye to any anxiety?

Let me help you create the positive change.