Do I have confidence issues?


Low self-confidence, a lot of the times cannot be generalised as a person’s character. This means one may feel confident in one area of life, but not another. For example, you may feel confident in your job, but not in relationships. There are a numerous factors that can affect level of confidence in each area such as mistakes in the past, experiences of judgments of others, on-going stress, and anxious thoughts. Interestingly, lack of self-confidence is not necessarily related to lack of ability.



How to notice if you have a lack of confidence?


There are signs that you can observe:

·      Withdrawing from social activities and others around you

·      Frequently worrying about what other people think

·      Often searching for approval and reassurance

·      Having troubles speaking up in a group conversation

·      Apologising too much

·      Feeling anxious

·      Feeling unable to cope in some situations

·      Feeling inadequate to complete tasks

·      Speaking negatively about yourself

These are just a few signs you can observe. However, confidence issues are varied and everyone’s background is unique. With The Positive Therapy, your treatment plan will be tailored for your unique situation.
Confidence can be learned, and with the combination of hypnotherapy and life coaching, you can change how you feel, retrain negative mental behaviours and create positive ones. Be confident in who you are and what you do!  Get in touch.

Let me help you create a positive change.