What is guilt?

Guilt is a feeling of having committed wrong in an action, either something you have done, or something you didn’t do. It is a mixture of regret, disappointment and failure that stem from your decision or action. There is no need to explain what it is; I believe we all have felt it before. 

What happen when we can’t let go of guilt?

Guilt can be highly destructive. Have you ever noticed how much damage it can do? It can be a factor that we stop trusting ourselves, never forgive ourselves, prevent ourselves from moving on or even being content in the moment. Guilt can be a powerful creator of negative beliefs such as the belief that we no longer deserve happiness ever again, we will always fail, and we are not good enough. It is that voice in your head that keep reminding you of what went wrong.

If guilt remains in the mind for a long period of time, it can lead to more complex psychological conditions like depression and anxiety as well as affect your overall well-being. 

We are only humans and we all make mistakes. It is not about having no mistakes in life to live without guilt, but it is about how we learn from the mistakes and manage them. 

Talking therapy and hypnotherapy can help you put guilt in to a more constructive perspective. Give you tools to manage your thoughts and beliefs. Help you to forgive yourself and move on with your life. Help you to perceive your feelings in a more positive way. We will face it and get through it together.  Get in touch.

Let me help you create a positive change.