What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is the use of hypnotherapy to help with natural childbirth, reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy, and provide self-hypnosis techniques to calm fear, tension, and pain during labour. Hypnobirthing involves using a mixture of deep breathing techniques, visualisation and relaxation, which will lead to an easier, calmer, and more comfortable birth experience.

Although the effectiveness of Hypnobirthing may vary from woman to woman, it is a simple, positive, and calming process that is suitable for everyone. Here are some of the possible benefits that you may choose to include Hypnobirthing in your pregnancy and childbirth experience: 

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Helps you cope with anxieties about the labour
  • Helps to control the pain during contractions
  • Helps to prevent fear-tension-pain syndrome during labour
  • Provides comfort and relief during labour
  • Higher tendency for shorter labour
  • Acts as a natural form of pain management, hence, reduce the need of medication (with potential side effects) 
  • Creates better postnatal experience

Hypnobirthing might not be able to guarantee that you will have a complication-free childbirth, however, it will give you the techniques to help deal with situations that may happen. It is in your control to create a calm and positive childbirth experience. Allow me to help you with it.  Get in touch

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