Obsessive behaviour

What is obsessive behaviour?

Obsessive behaviour is a repetitive action that you cannot resist or keep doing it continually. In most cases, obsessive behaviour stems from intrusive thoughts or mental images, persistent urges, or unwanted emotions that cause distress and anxiety. The behaviour then becomes repetitive and habitual, as it is associated to the ease or relief of anxiety or unwanted emotions.

Do I have an obsessive behaviour?

A person with an obsessive behaviour may also develop other psychological conditions such as eating disorders, hoarding disorder, anxiety, and depression. Obsessive behaviour may manifest itself in many ways including:

  • Having unpleasant or disturbing mental images
  • Experiencing illogical fear
  • Seeking the ease of unwanted feelings by performing certain actions constantly
  • Having intense stress about specific situations 
  • Avoiding specific situations that related to existing fear or anxiety
  • Intense stress due to specific recurring thoughts
  • Unable to think of anything other than the particular objects/person/event
  • Having consistent urge to perform particular action and unable to control the urge

What you can do to take care of obsessive behaviour?

  • Challenge your thoughts e.g. finding a more positive, realistic way to look at the situation
  • Write down your worries that can be triggers for the repetitive behaviour
  • Practice relaxation techniques regularly to help reducing stress and anxiety
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep, lack of sleep can worsen anxious thoughts and feelings

You can overcome obsessive behaviour with the right support and treatment. The combination of hypnotherapy and mindfulness-based therapy can help you to overcome the unwanted obsessive behaviour effectively in a short period of time. You will be able to let go of the old behaviour and create the new healthy lifestyle that will support your well-being in the long term. Get in touch.

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